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UAB Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Clinic
Step 1: Self Evaluation
Step 2: Bone Density Testing
Step 3: Specialist Examination
Step 4: Nutrition and Supplements
Step 5: Strength, Balance and Posture
Step 6: Personal Treatment Plan
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  1. Get on your hands and knees to maintain good posture for weeding, planting flowers, etc.

  2. For raking, follow the advice listed for sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming.

  3. Push objects rather than pulling them. Use a wheelbarrow instead of a wagon.

  4. Make sure you donít lift more than 10 to 20 pounds if you have spinal osteoporosis.

  5. When pruning, use sturdy ladders to keep your work at eye level. Bend through your legs instead of rounding your back to prune low bushes.

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