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UAB Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Clinic
Step 1: Self Evaluation
Step 2: Bone Density Testing
Step 3: Specialist Examination
Step 4: Nutrition and Supplements
Step 5: Strength, Balance and Posture
Step 6: Personal Treatment Plan
About Us
TYB: Beth Class 02About Tone Your Bones

Tone Your Bones is a series of education and information programs designed to help you start preventing or treating osteoporosis today. Offered by the Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Clinic at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Tone Your Bones includes a toll-free hotline (1-888-934-BONE) for osteoporosis answers, a nutrition and exercise class, a special exercise group, plus a free lunchtime program where you can learn more about osteoporosis. To find out more about each program, click “Home,” then “Staying in Touch.”

About the UAB Osteoporosis Prevention and Treatment Clinic

As part of a world-renowned medical center, the clinic provides complete, expert care, from clinical and therapeutic services to helpful education and information programs. Specialists in osteoporosis, nutrition, and physical therapy work together to help patients increase their bone density and prevent fractures through medication, healthy eating, and exercise. You can learn more about UAB’s osteoporosis experts by clicking on the names listed here:

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