Miacalcin Nasal Spray (Calcitonin)

Miacalcin is a synthetic form of calcitonin, a hormone produced naturally in the body. The nasal spray slows bone loss so that your bone-building cells can increase bone density. The dose is 200 IUs (international units) a day.


  • Miacalcin is effective at increasing bone density in the spine.
  • Miacalcin may help reduce the risk of spinal fracture as well as pain resulting from spinal fracture.
  • Miacalcin is relatively easy to take. A dose is one spray in one nostril per day. You alternate nostrils each day.
  • The drug works for both men and women.


  • Miacalcin does not seem to increase the bone density or reduce the risk of fracture in the hip.
  • Miacalcin does not increase bone density in the spine as well as other medications.
  • Side effects include occasional irritation to the nasal passages.