Improving your balance can help you prevent falls that can lead to fractures. And while balance is influenced by your strength, vision, and other factors, regular exercise gives it a boost and aids coordination.

  • The Romberg exercise can help you train for better balance. You can do this activity while waiting for your doctor’s clearance to start a regular exercise program.To do this exercise, stand with one foot directly in front of the other (heel to toe) in a corner with your hands on your hips. Try to hold this position for 60 seconds. Then switch the position of your feet and do it again. Repeat sequence with your eyes closed. If you cannot keep your balance with your feet in line for six to 10 seconds, then place the heel of one foot directly beside the toes on your other foot. Perform this exercise one to two times each day.
  • You can also practice tai chi for balance if you don’t have spinal osteoporosis.
  • Remember, regular exercise also increases balance and coordination.